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up the red and down the black

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City girls are the best in the nation...they grow up faster and know more about life then anyone else. They live in apartments, go to school in mansions, drop by the Met to study and do homework, go to bars and lounges on the weekends, and spend summers in the Hamptons. New York City is our town, Central Park is our playground, cell phones were a necessity at age 10, cabs drive us wherever we want to go, and every store delievers... We are typical elitist Manhattan girls!

Just before the turn of century, in 1897, the Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs opened Dominican Academy. Today, Dominican Academy still carries on the fine tradition, begun in 1897, of quality education, social development, and growth of the total person through the integration of Christian values and making sure that shoes have heels no higher than two inches.

The Dominican Academy Prep School.
..the beggining of a horrifying end. 10/22/04
My friends, sisters, and gropers in the hallways:
We must be the leaders. We must preserve something.
We must.. stop this month from turning into National What the Fuck Month.
I don't know how we will do that, but.. I can say this:
We are magical. We are standing.

D.A., Veritas. Always

by samurau

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