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What's really going on...

On Friday, October 22nd, 2004, each class at DA was called in for a meeting with Sr. Martha and Sr. Christine. At this meeting, the students were informed that Sr. Martha and Sr. Christine would no longer be a part of the DA. Sr. Martha has been a part of Dominican Academy for over 20 years, and the Board of Trustees have decided it is time for a change. There is going to be a meeting, run by the parents of current DA students, on Wednesday, October 27th, 2004 at 7:00pm.
I know many people are upset with this new plan for Dominican Academy, and there are ups and downs to the change. For now, we must accept what is going on, and wait to see what will happen.
They were not fired because of the suspensions of some junior
They were not fired because of other issues
DA is not being sold.

These are the facts, as of October 24th, 2004.
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Finally, an end to crazy rumors.
good job mary.. i knew you could do it better than me lol

yay for mary, thanks for clearing everything up

1. Anyone know why exactly Sr. Martha was asked to resign? I hardly doubt it was under auspicious circumstances because if it was, I doubt Sr. Christine would've been that pissed off on Friday...

2. Can anyone attend the meeting on Thurs? Students and/or parents?

And please, please don't answer if you're just as unsure as I am. There are way too many crazy rumours flying around and those need to stop. If anyone can answer those questions, thanks in advance!

I'm an alumni, graduate of 2002, and I will be attending and so are my other classmates, so yes, anyone can go.
thanks! :)

Deleted comment

the headmaster is not so much a rumor, it is a thought the Board is having of what DA could do as part of changing. Its an idea
I can honestly say that all alumni attending the meeting on Wednesday to support the school should be shot and killed on sight. You may have had your good times, perhaps the best years of your lives so far in D.A., but the decision made by the Board of Trustees to relieve Sr. Martha and Sr. Christine was long overdue. Even with their personal lives placed aside for a moment, they were flaming hypocrites - often being kind only to the financially stable or those who excelled in their classes. In my four years of attendance, I witnessed these incidents daily. I am speaking objectively, for I was finacially stable and did fairly well in my classes. However, I did witness many of my friends being harassed and humiliated for their lack of funds. Both members of the lay violated students' rights to privacy and dignity. Perhaps, someone finally took heed of this and I say more power to them.
No one should be shot or killed because they disagree with your opinions. To kill an alumna because she wishes to support the Sisters would be a violation of that woman's rights.

You need to take a good look at yourself before you cast stones or cry hypocrite.

Also, how objective can any of us who attended or attend the school be regarding any of the matters that are being discussed in this forum?
My comment on having the alumna shot and/or killed was not serious...I thought I had made that clear.

Also..as far as my objectivity goes--the matters that are being discussed in this forum are exclusive to those who have attended/are attending D.A. I don't see why someone would open up a discussion about a school that remains abstract.

My claim on objectivity was referring to the fact I was financially stable and did well in my classes, thereby renouncing my bias in being overjudgmental.

im sorry but thats ridiculous generalizations about them... i dont know who you are, and im not trying to pick a fight, but you are dead wrong, case in point- one of my good friends was extremely financially stable and maintained fabulous grades and they still disliked her, dont talk out of your ass when you dont have all the facts, just because you dont personally like them and feel they have done wrong by your friends does not mean they should be forced to resign if they dont want to bc the bottom line is they have done very well for the school in general as a whole
Did I forget to mention the fact that they would raise hell if you didn't conform to a "respectable" lifestyle as well or perhaps did not participate in school as much as they thought needed?? If not-I mention it now. No...I'm not "talking out of my ass" as you so eloquently put it. I'm making justified arguments as a voice for those who feel the way as I do but are not subscribed to LJ. I'm simply saying that some of us who attended D.A. ( many of which are present on this forum) like to paint a prettier picture in memory than it was for a number of girls. I'm not here to insult anyone...but if you feel like doing so..do so on your own.
i wasnt trying to insult anyone and while i was there i hated it, but i miss it so much now that i have graduated, sometimes you dont realize how good something is until its gone i just dont want something drastic happening to the school that will turn it into an "average" high school, because when i attended DA was not "average" while personally i did not care much for sr martha and sr christine, and they did not like me very much either, i do believe they are the backbone of DA and it will become an entirely different place without them and i feel that is unfortunate for future students at DA
Actually your friend's situation was probably one of the few exceptions. So you would be the one making a ridiculous generalization. It's true!
JanuaryPrincess, DA is a very exclusive, private school for a reason; its administrators have a right to enforce their opinions. (Whether they should enforce it is another story, but it's their choice.) If you hated it so much, you could have just left; no one stopped you.

~Yelena, Class of '02
I don't think Lisi's talking about them enforcing their opinions.

She's talking about students getting treated differently than other students for various reasons - one of which was $. (Not always the case, but enough so that we noticed.) (Or you could be entertaining like Steph -who like me had no dough. Still - tis wrong.)

And Lena, come on - the "if you dont like it leave" argument. I know you dont really think that. If you see something wrong : fix it.

Publicizing it is the first step to doing that. We shouldnt just be quiet about it and leave. We should let our voices be heard.

But enough of this. I just didnt want Lisi to be alone in this post as she's getting so much heat.
"very exclusive, private school"
Very exclusive? I don't think so. It's not terribly difficult to be accepted, and it certainly is NOT private last time I checked. For everything I know (which of course could be wrong) catholic school is NOT equal to private school. Dominican Academy is a parochial school. and don't believe a word they say abotu it being so "exclusive" - if it were an exclusive school the girls would go to better colleges. End of story.
Dominican Academy may not be exclusive, but it is private.

The school is private because it is not run by the state or the city. DA is not attached to a parish, so it is not parochial either. DA is not even a diocesan school, but DA follows some Archdiocese guidelines to continue being a Co-op test school.

DA was never meant to be exclusive. It was meant to provide a well-rounded education for the average girl. Or, at least, that is what the report that was prepared for the Middle States Association said.
actually, no. but enough is enough im not gonna beat a dead horse
actually yes.