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Holy crap!
I hear there is a lawsuit involved... is this true?
And I also hear that there is a clause in the DA Handbook that prohibits the creation of DA-rant communities online, and that's why those two juniors got suspended... is this true? I don't have a recent copy of the handbook...
And I entirely agree about the interview process. We should reinstate it; unfortunately, that may be difficult because we are part of the Archdiocese (as a fellow DA grad recently explained to me), and they will not let us do it.

And as for what Melissa said... yes, I understand that the sisters may not have been very good to you, and to some of us, but we must think about DA at this point, as a school. Our personal opinions don't really matter anymore... DA is in danger of closing. If the sisters are our only option, then we must do whatever we can to help them. The teachers may be the backbone of the school, but the sisters are the head, and without them, we will die.

Besides... a headmaster? A man, running an all-girl school? Anyone seeing a problem with that?

~Yelena, Class of 2002
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