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Whoa... I just have to give the argument from the other side of the spectrum

Ok, I mean, George W. Bush gives a certain (insert-jon-stewart-type-observation-here)quality to America that no educated president ever could, but that doesn't mean he should stay in office -

This goes beyond the D.A atmosphere or nostalgia or whatever. They were violating students' rights and they carried out an inquistition, for the love of God. They deserved to be fired. You just can't do what they did.

Besides it's really the teachers that give D.A definition & moreso the ones that Marty & Chris would fire if they knew what kind of intellectual dissidence took place in their classes. Yet if theyre gonna sell the whole school and get rid of all the teachers too - then I don't think it's worth it.

BUT the simple fact is that what they did was fucking WRONG and they need to get that drilled into their heads - they're running a school not the third reich.

I DO agree about the interview thingie however. After they were forced to stop interviews they were just letting trash in (generally)(no offense to you children of God who have brains that were let in.)

So without the interviews D.A was bound to turn up like all the other sub-par schools anyway no matter how cool the teachers are, with or without Marty, Chris and all - You can't throw pearls to swine (just a quote that makes my point. i ♥ piggies ^_^)

And excuse me but I don't think I'm alone when I let out this rant: I'm representing the other point of view here so please tolerate my moment of immaturity but:

My only regret is that I wont know where to find Sr. Christine when I've made it so I can shove my money so far up her ass she'll have to floss it out her teeth. I would write to the board of trustees and ask those lazy biznatches what the hell took them so long?

P.S my anger is justified since these women put me through mental and emotional hell and succeeded in making me look like spawn of satan to my parents and nearly succeeded in getting me kicked out of Fordham. Any principal that would try to destroy the future of one of its graduates has serious mental problems and should not be working.

(Edited for clarity. also in retrospect - I think the obstacles that were marty and chris contributed to my character development. They were still abhorently wrong but I'm a braver person for it. Now to take over Puerto Rico...)
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